Design and Construction

A strong focus on simplicity, proportion, and allowing the beauty of the wood and joinery speak for itself. Drawing upon centuries of furniture making by designers and Craftsman of the past, I am able to offer timeless, beautiful, and most of all - functional furniture.

I build with time-tested traditional methods, and joinery, which will ensure your piece of furniture will last 100 years or more. In building furniture, I use mostly hand-tool methods, which allows for the utmost precision and accuracy, and the best-fitting joinery possible. This precise marriage of wood results in furniture that is not only incredibly strong, but beautiful.

Why James Haley Furniture?

  • Every piece is made to order. I aim to create the highest quality furniture available, built to your specific needs.

  • Solid hardwood construction throughout. No man-made sheet goods are used in my furniture.

  • I take seasonal wood movement very seriously. We live in a part of the world that has large changes in relative humidity. Every piece of furniture I build takes this natural movement into account. I over-build, and compensate to ensure your investment lasts.

  • Every surface is hand planed, sanded, and finished - including interior surfaces. This ensures that every inch of your furniture is user friendly.

  • I cut all my dovetails, and joinery by hand - using a saw, chisel, and mallet. This hands-on approach brings precision, while retaining the human element.

What do you make?

Anything and Everything.

  • Coffee tables

  • Side Tables

  • Dining Tables

  • Occasional Tables

  • Dining Chairs

  • Rocking Chairs

  • Writing Desks

  • Lamps

  • Clocks

  • Wall Shelves/Furnishings

  • Beds

  • Cabinetry

  • Chest of Drawers

  • Large and Small Bookshelves

  • Dovetail Boxes

  • Display Cases

  • Blanket Chests

  • Walking Canes

  • Picture Frames

  • Spoons

High-Quality Materials

HardwoodsI utilize a range of beautiful hardwoods, hand selecting all lumber to ensure consistent grain and color configurations. I purchase large dimension (2-3" thick) rough-sawn lumber, and breakdown the wood in my shop. The woods I most commonly use and love are Red and White Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Birch, Oak, Walnut, Poplar, and Maple. If you have any questions regarding wood selection for your piece of furniture, please contact me.

Upholstery / Leather: A beautiful piece of furniture can be accented, and adapted to your personal sense of style, depending on the fabric or leather you pick. Not only this, upholstery can be easily replaced as your sense of style changes. A large range of colors, fabric types, and leathers are available. If you have any questions regarding upholstery, please contact me.

Finishing: I use a number of different finishes, depending on the intended use of the furniture. When building furniture intended to last generations, one must account for the likelihood that the finish will at some point be damaged - therefore, I only utilize finishes that offer great protection, but can also be spot-repaired if needed. 


Prices for individual pieces of furniture vary, depending largely on the types of wood used, joinery complexity, and the

length of time it took to complete. Please visit my portfolio, where I have a number of different furniture pieces and list approximate pricing within the description of each.

Delivery / Shipping

Furniture sold within a ~4 hour drive from St. John's, will be delivered to the place of your choosing by me personally. 


Furniture that must travel greater distances will be shipped by the most efficient, and safe way available.